by Asher Young

adapted from Peter Pan, by J.M. Barrie


Off-Broadway Theater, Yale University

April 6-8, 2017

This adaptation of Peter Pan, created by Asher Young, took place in the round in one of Yale's undergraduate theaters. With six cast members, this production included a live, three-dimensional fog-based hologram that moved around the stage with the help of five different projectors, acrobatics, a fly system, and a blanket that was flown out the door of the theater.



Peter - Laurence Bashford

Sprite - Itai Almor

Sprite - Gillian Bolt

Sprite - Jill Carrera

Sprite - Delilah Napier

Sprite - Lucy Tomasso



director - Asher Young

associate director - Nina Goodheart

producer - Adela DePavia

production stage manager - Elizabeth Emanuel

scenic designer - Adam Lessing

lighting designer - Evan Smith

projection designer - Ryan Seffinger

costume designer - Lizzie Goodman

sound designer - Declan Kunkel

composer - Daniel Rudin

properties master - Ivy Wanta

choreographer - Jillian Kravatz

associate choreographer - Devin Hilly

machine coordinator - Henry Townley


photos by Nina Goodheart // Asher Young