This is the color described by the time

conceived & directed by Lily Whitsitt

created by Door 10


produced by New Georges

The Flea Theater

February 14-March 3, 2018

This production based on Gertrude Stein's life and writing provided the unique technical challenge of being sound immersive. The audience was on headset throughout the show while the sound designer live mixed the show on stage and performed in it. The actors and backstage crew also wore in-ear monitors. Additionally, the show was in repertory with another production, and so needed to be struck and set up every few performances.



Gertrude Stein - Christina Rouner

Alice B. Toklas - Stephanie Roth-Haberle

Bernard Faÿ - Ean Sheehy

Thornton Wilder - Ben Williams



director - Lily Whitsitt

production stage manager - Elizabeth Emanuel

scenic designer - Amy Rubin

lighting designer - Reza Behjat

costume designer - Alice Tavener

sound designer - Ben Williams

props designer - JB Douglas





photos by Paula Court