Xander xyst, Dragon: 1

by Jeremy O. Harris

with original music by Isabella Summers & Jeremy O. Harris with Stevan Cablayan


Presented by un sphinx incompris

Ars Nova's ANT Fest

June 23, 2017

Joined a production previously mounted at the Yale School of Drama's Yale Cabaret and restaged for Ars Nova's ANT Fest. This musical production included eight cast members, three handheld mics and three projection screens - teching and performing in a single day.



Xander - Jakeem Powell

Michael - Edmund Donovan

Matt - Gregory Georges

Lena - Sydney Lemmon

Internetz - Steven Conroy

Internetz - Amandla Jahava

Internetz - Austin Kairis





director - Jesse Rasmussen

producer - David Bruin

production stage manager - Elizabeth Emanuel

scenic designer - Zoë Hurwitz

lighting designer - Erin Earle Fleming

costume designer - Cole McCarty

sound designer - Michael Costagliola

projections designer - Yaara Bar




photos by Wills Glasspiegel